1. What weight and size is it? 

Weight of 1 Rinsten Spring (kg): 0,340.

You will sit 5 centimeters higher.

The length is 17 cm. 

2. What it's made from?

Rinsten Spring made from special spring steel.

3. Who rides on Rinsten Spring

There is no limit on weight, height, age and skills or riders who can use Rinsten Spring.

Anyone, who wants to be healthy and feel comfortable on a bike, can use it!

4. Should I buy any additional components to set up it?

No, you already have all packed to set it up to your bike in 5 minutes ! What's more, suitable for any weight.

5. Do you have any patents? 

We do have a patent pending on design of the Rinsten Spring technology.

6. Will you ship it internationally?  

We have worldwide shipping and we able to send your order to any part of the world. 

7. What if I don't like it?

We have 30 days money back guarantee. 

8. What guarantee do you have?

We gives you 5 years guarantee.

9. What types of batteries do I need for the LED Safety Caps.

Battery type for LED Safety Caps - L1131. 2 pieces. 

10. What types of bicycles are suitable for Rinsten Spring

Any types of bicycles with standard saddle fixing. 


Still have questions? 

Ask it via email: office@rinsten.com