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Our Story

Iurii Kopytsia, founder of Rinsten Spring:

"I got back on bike after a 10-year break. I bought a high-end bicycle of a well-known manufacturer. It surely had an excellent sports seat. However, after long rides I started to feel uncomfortable - I felt pain in my buttock muscles, arms and back.

I don't use biking apparel and pads are not right for casual wear, so I don't use them as well. I had to look for a different solution to feel comfortable on my bike rides.

At first I tried a gel pad but it didn't help much. Then I replaced the sports seat with a spring-gel one. Still I didn't feel comfortable enough.

I bought a seat post with a spring, but after a few rides I threw it away. The very basic mechanism worked rather poorly to compensate impacts and vibrations.

Then I bought a more expensive seat post. However, the kit recommended for my weight was a way too rigid, so I had to buy 7 additional components and wasted a lot of time to match them together. Each time I had to disassemble the device, assemble it back and test it on the road. The expensive seat post worked better than the cheap one as it absorbed shocks on a single plain rather than along one axis. Still it wasn't good enough - I couldn't adjust rigidness for different surfaces - rigid for smooth roads and softer for a forest trail.

Having failed to come up with an optimal solution, I decided to develop a seat post that would be simple and reliable, easily adjustable for any weight, road and bicycle and make every bike ride enjoyable. To do this, I set up a team of engineers and mechanics and the work began. Engineers from the Antonov aircraft factory took part in the development.The world famous An-225 Mriya is still the largest cargo plane in the world.

After months of hard work, multiple prototypes and tests, we came up with a device consisting of only 5 parts - the Rinsten Spring. Our shock absorber is versatile and can be mounted on all types of bicycles, it allows to adjust rigidness on your bike ride in just one minute, it works in three directions, easily adjustable and doesn't require any additional accessories.

I decided to start a bike accessory company and started to enroll people. In the meantime I invented a few more devices that weren't available on the bike accessory market or that had a clear advantage over competitor products. It includes industrial designers, engineers, marketing managers and other specialists.

We are a strong team of like-minded people who are committed to designing new affordable and practical bike accessories. 

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