Rinsten Spring Black Matt Full Set + LED Safety Caps Black Matt

$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Rinsten Spring is a bicycle shock absorber.
The best amortization for your bicycle. 
It offers you comfort during cycling and keeps your body healthy.
Whether you start a season riding your bike after a long pause, or you are just a regular bike rider who likes to ride your bike around town,
our Spring will minimize those annoying bumps and vibrations that plague all cyclists.
Our system damps vertical impacts and vibrations and adjusts to pelvis bending during cycling.
Thanks to our spring your back literally "sticks" to the seat and doesn't shift.
     - Easy installation & adjustment.
       You can adjust it in just 1 minute without any additional components.
       You can easily switch between sport and city positions in just 1 minute.

- Great position for every type of ride.

Rinsten Spring can be installed on ANY seat post of any shape and of any diameter. 

- Works for a child’s first bike up to any size adult bike 

- Works in three planes  



This allows you to apply less effort when riding and avoid injuries.

It makes your cycling comfortable on all surfaces - from tarmac to hill path, pave stone or gravel.

You can use Rinsten Spring during bicycle trips, long term bike trips or even you cycling only during weekend. 
All you need to install Rinsten Spring is a hex key and your smile!


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