Rinsten Spring Black


Forget about your discomfort while cycling! Make your ride smoothy and joyful!

Rinsten Spring is a simple and smart solution to smooth your way while cycling. It is a universal seat post bicycle shock absorber that makes your ride more comfortable and your body more healthy because minimizes annoying bumps and vibrations from any kind of the surface.

Reasons to get Rinsten Spring:

  • Rinsten Spring makes your ride more comfortable. It damps vertical impacts and vibrations from the surface. Your back literally "sticks" to the seat and it doesn't shift. It allows you to apply less efforts while riding and takes the pressure off your back.


  • Rinsten Spring improves your rides, makes them longer and farther. It gives you the possibility to ride the bike more often without any discomfort.


  • Rinsten Spring eliminates the stress that is placed on the cyclist's body from continuous cycling.


  • Using Rinsten Spring you save more energy while cycling because you do not need to stand up on the pedals every time to get over the road bumps.


  • Rinsten Spring works in three dimensions imitating every movement of your body while cycling. (how it works you can see here)


  • Rinsten Spring can be used not only by adults, but it also perfectly suits for children bicycles. Our spring prevents any discomfort while cycling from the first moment a child gets on the bike. (How it works for kids you can see here)


  • Rinsten Spring is made of high-quality steel and aluminum.


  • It doesn’t get much simpler than Rinsten Spring. It can be adjusted in just a few minutes without any additional components except the hex key. There are only five parts so there’s little to go wrong (step by step installation instruction)


  • To find the right amount of suspension for your weight and preferences, you  just need to do a few movements of hex key


  • It can easily be swapped between different bikes and is designed for all types from road bikes to mountain bikes, city bikes and cruisers.


  • Rinsten Spring has reasonably affordable price.


  • Don’t worry if you are not completely satisfied with your new Rinsten Spring or it does not fit perfectly for you. You can return it in 30 days and get your money back. (More information about it you can get here returns and guarantee)


  • Our Rinsten Spring comes with a 5-year guarantee, so if something happens to your spring within these years, you can easily change it for free.


  • Also, if you cannot ride a bike for some reasons for a while, you can use Rinsten Spring as a sport accessorize to train your arms and legs or as a bicycle hanger in your garage when it’s winter.


Product details:

Weight: 332 grams (0,73 lb.)

Anyone who has ever ridden a bike and felt the discomfort of a bumpy ride enjoy the Rinsten Spring bicycle shock absorber!!

And one more thing!!

If you want to be safer while cycling in the night, you should try Rinsten Spring with LED Safety Caps! Its bright red light really grabs driver’s attention and makes you more visible on the road!! Check it here.

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Weight 340.00 Grams
Rinsten Spring Black
Bicycle travel, training, for get to you job - Rinsten Spring will help you in any situation.
If you are looking for bike seat with spring, then you find the best solution for yourself
Suitable for any bicycles.